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Grandparents' Climate Action – Denmark

Program statement

The Grandparents’ Climate Action was created because we fear for the future of coming generations and want to secure it. Climate research indicates that it is very urgent.

In these years we are witnessing a man-made impact on the Earth’s climate. It has alarming significance for all ecosystems and thus for the livelihoods, development opportunities and health of the population in all countries.

The Grandparents’ Climate Action brings together everyone who wants to help with the efforts against climate change. We are a group of a certain age and together we contribute with experience, knowledge, ethical responsibility and creativity. We are not party-political, we cooperate widely with everyone – young people, children and 
adults – associations, companies and public bodies – all who actively support the same cause.

There is a need for knowledge, understanding and readiness for change in all sectors and at all levels in society. Everyone needs to understand the seriousness of the climate crisis and work for solutions in all areas. From the adjustment of everyday habits to the larger societal adjustments of energy, transport, agriculture, housing, production, public and private consumption.

Solutions to the climate challenges require knowledge, innovation and cooperation. And that requires the will to act, very quickly and very comprehensively. There is a need for far-reaching solutions that build on the strengths with which broad cooperation can succeed. It is about our shared responsibility.

Therefore, we make an effort to engage the country’s citizens, spread information and knowledge. And not least to create hope, enthusiasm and positive energy around climate responsibility. We will influence the country’s politicians locally and  nationally to take action with constructive proposals, just as we will follow them and nudge them if they forget to act. We gather for joint action in as strong and broad a collaboration as possible.

We aim to work by creating dialogue, motivation for action and well-being in every collaboration. We try to work in ways that are always characterized by orderliness, transparency and a shared democracy. We want to work based on trust and a mutual support for each other, where we make each other stronger.

We know it’s urgent. We know that the task is enormous. We believe we will succeed best if we collaborate broadly on an informed basis of knowledge.


Today, in Denmark we use resources as if we have 4.3 Earths. The starting point for our goals in the Grandparents Climate Action is the principle of ‘OnePlanet’, i.e. that we do not use more resources than the planet can regenerate. Therefore, it is crucial that we in the rich countries stop the blind growth, make radical adjustments and make room for growth for the poorest populations on the globe, who today feel the consequences of climate change the hardest.

The Grandparents’ Climate Action works to comply with the Paris  Agreement’s goal of max. 1.5 degree global warming.

We work for the realization of the UN’s 17 global goals, and for all countries to stay within the 9 planetary boundaries. Today we have exceeded 6 of the 9 limits, we can and must change that.

We support the Danish goal of a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.
We work to ensure that in Denmark and globally we limit and reduce CO2 emissions in a targeted manner and capture and store CO2 through nature’s many solutions.
We work to stop the extinction of species and to increase the earth’s biodiversity again. We know that the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis are closely linked through our exploitation of resources.

A world where climate change exacerbates inequality and contradictions between countries and populations reduces our ability to deal with the climate crisis. Therefore, we work to strengthen communities and cohesion in the desire to achieve social equality in Denmark and globally. We see social and green efforts as two sides of the same coin.

We want the efforts in connection with climate change to be the way to create a sustainable and fair future, with a focus on quality of life and human care. For the planet and for all living things.



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